Saturday, July 7, 2007

July 4 Success

With Pictures!

The secret to eggplant is letting it sweat. I've heard and read different methods for doing this, but what works for me is slicing the eggplant, layering it on tea towels, salting it, then pressing it. Ignore for a few hours, then the bitter juices are soaked into the tea towels. It cooks much more nicely (and tastes better) when this step is not omitted.

Gorgeous eggplants from the Memphis Farmer's Market.

Note my classy weighting technique.

Inside this crock-pot's viscous brew is the pork. It was very tasty.

The potatoes with horseradish are so much prettier with rosemary garnish.

Susie made the trifle, with me acting as sous chef.

And the cole slaw, with bleu cheese being blue.

The second to the bottom row of tomatoes were from our garden. And they definitely tasted better than the rest.

Chef Dan approved of the food. A lovely way to spend the Fourth.

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