Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Hey, look! I'm back!

The laptop has returned to the land of the living and I just uploaded a zillion pictures. So here we are, just in time for the return of autumn.

Let's bake some bread!

A few assumptions. I have a Kitchenaid mixer and I use it as much as I can. Even though Jamie Oliver says we should make our dough with our hands, I prefer to make less of a mess and get things done. I'm a busy woman. But last winter I baked this bread almost every day because it has a lot fewer ingredients than grocery store bread, and it slices very well. Recently, in an effort to add fiber to my diet, I've been experimenting with oat bran flour, and this bread seems to accept that substitution nicely.

English Muffin Bread

1 cup milk
2 tablespoons sugar
1 teaspoon salt
3 tablespoons butter
1 cup warm water (100-110)
1 tablespoon active dry yeast
2 cups wheat or oat bran flour
3.5 cups unbleached all-purpose or bread flour
cornmeal (about 1/4 cup)

In a small saucepan, warm milk, butter, salt, and sugar until everything is all melty and dissolved. While the milk mixture is cooling (to a little warmer than room temperature), dissolve yeast in warm water in the mixer bowl. After the yeast is dissolved, mix in the milk.

Attach the dough hook to the mixer and begin adding flour.

I start with 2 cups of flour, then add 1/2 cup at a time until the dough comes away from the sides of the bowl and forms a nice soft ball.

Leave it in the mixer, kneading, for a couple of minutes. Dough should be soft and manageable. After it's kneaded a few minutes, remove it and put it in a greased bowl. Flip it around in the bowl so it's covered with oil on all sides.

Cover with a tea towel or plastic wrap and put it in a warm, draft-free location (I usually put it in the oven with the light on). Allow it to rise until doubled. This takes about 30-45 minutes most of the time. Sometimes it takes closer to an hour. Depends on how warm the oven is, how warm the water and milk were, and probably a lot of other factors, like the relative humidity and the barometric pressure. But it will eventually double (if it doesn't, go ahead and throw it away....your yeast was dead....probably because it was ancient or your water was too hot and killed it). Sprinkle cornmeal on your countertop (please, make sure the countertop is clean). Grease a loaf pan (or two).

Punch down the dough, then form it into a loaf (or two of them). Roll in the cornmeal.

Cover, again, place in that same draft-free location, and let rise again until doubled (might take a little longer this time...allow about an hour).

It's doubled again. Remove the cover, heat the oven to 400 (unless you're using glass pans, then heat to 375) and bake until golden, about 25 minutes.

This is really yummy with soup. Or butter. And I'm sure it would be fabulous with bacon.


Mom said...

Well, I'm glad there are four of you to eat the bread...if I made bread every day the weight gain would be really distressing!

Miska said...

I have to try that bread - even if it bad for me - the weather is now perfect for baking - must stock up on yeast

and not sure if you remember me, but I met you in Chicago with you brother and soon to be sister in law

Noodle said...

YUM! I'll try that one!